nuns sue couple over stinky fish

Nuns who own a New York city apartment house have filed a lawsuit saying a tenant couple is stinking up the building with "horrible" food smells "similar to that of vomit or rotten meat." The alleged ungodly smell? Dried fish: Nuns sue NYC tenants over 'vomit-like' food smells.

The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart Inc. are accusing Gloria and Michael Lim of causing "foul and harmful odors" to come from their sixteenth floor apartment by cooking and smoking large quantities of fish.

The smell was apparently so "foul" and "noxious" to the sisters, the thought there was actually a dead body inside the apartment. Their lawsuit asks that the Lims be required to stop causing the odors and pay legal fees and damages of at least $50,000. More here: Nuns forced to sue over unholy stink.

Get over it. I say the couple has every right to smoke and dry all the fish they want. It's just smelly fish frying in oil on a stove top. Hell yeah. It's good stuff. It may stink, but it's food, and they have every right to enjoy it. Next, they'll be coming after your kimchee! And that's just not right.

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