sdaff presents kurosawa classics

If you're in San Diego, you'll want to check out this awesome film event... The San Diego Asian Film Foundation presents Kurosawa Classics, a seven-day series of films by master Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, including Rashomon, Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, Hidden Fortress, High and Low and Ikiru. It's happening December 5-11 at UltraStar Chula Vista 10. Some details:
The San Diego Asian Film Foundation, in partnership with the Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana, the Japan Foundation, and UltraStar Cinemas, is pleased to present a retrospective of Akira Kurosawa's most celebrated films on the big screen. Enjoy the pioneering film, RASHOMON, that placed Kurosawa on the radar of international cinema. Cheer on Sanjuro in YOJIMBO, before he was recreated into roles for Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis. Watch the original SEVEN SAMURAI before it was remade into so many Hollywood films. Discover the genius behind HIDDEN FORTRESS, George Lucas' inspiration to Star Wars Episode IV and V. Be swept up by the struggles of HIGH AND LOW. Examine the meaning of life and question its value, in perhaps Kurosawa's most humanitic film, IKIRU (to live). Watch them all throughout the week, December 5-11, 2008 at the UltraStar Chula Vista 10 .

Location: UltraStar Chula Vista 10
555 Broadway
Chula Vista, CA 91910

For all ticketing and scheduling information please visit www.sdaff.org.
It should be a really awesome series. If you call yourself a cinephile, but have some neglected to watch these films, it's to get schooled with some Kurosawa. For more information and the full schedule of films, go here.

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