stupid comments on the view, part 349

Not that it ever had much cred, but The View ceased to be a show anyone took seriously a long time ago (around the time Lisa Ling left). Over the years, it's essentially devolved into a daily opportunity for the hosts to say something really stupid, then get heckled by Defamer over and over again. I don't think I have to remind you of Rosie O'Donnell's awesome Chinese language "impression" from a years back.

So the other day, it looks like Elisabeth Hasselbeck had her own little "ching ching" moment: Peeved Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tells Noted Indian Scholar to 'Go Light a Bowl of Incense'. I know—Hasselbeck saying something stupid and offensive. Shocker.

On Tuesday's show, while discussing Deepak Chopra's recent remarks on the Mumbai massacre (he implied the terrorists had an eye on America), Hasselbeck referred to the Indian doctor/writer/guru as "Glitter Glasses Whatshisface," and then suggested he "Go light a bowl of incense."

Seriously, Elisabeth? It's amazing how fiercely she plays the role of the Ugly American... except that she's not playing. I'm no fan of Deepak Chopra (calling him a "scholar" is pushing it) but there's no need to go there. You're awesome, Elisabeth. Go eat a bowl of ignorance.

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