ups driver enters sikh man's name as "terrorist"

Saw this over on Consumerist. Just another moment from good ol' racist America... In Bakersfield, California, a UPS driver apparently wrote "terrorist" as the signed name for a delivered package that went to the home of a Sikh man's house: UPS Driver Used "Terrorist" As Name Signed For Package.

Blbar Singh's family was looking on the UPS website for their second package that had not yet come, when they came across the "signed by" section of the package screen. Lo and behold! The UPS delivery guy had renamed the Singh family into something more to his liking. That's racist!

Stupid. UPS has since changed the "signed by" name on their website from "terrorist" to "Singh." A UPS spokesperson said that they hire several people to assist during the holiday season and is currently in the process of investigating this matter. Somebody, please, fire this idiot driver.

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