bruce lee's former home approved to become a museum

In Hong Kong, plans to preserve the one-time residence of kung fu legend Bruce Lee and transform it into a major tourist attraction have finally been approved: Bruce Lee Hong Kong home to be saved as tourist site.

The green light comes after a long-running struggle by fans to save the 5,700 square-foot, two-story Kowloon suburban town house that Lee last lived in before he died. It has been previously reported that for a time, the residence had been been actually been turned into a love motel.

Last year, the house's owner, real estate and hotel tycoon Yu Pang-lin, made a surprise decision to donate it to the city for it to be revitalized as a Bruce Lee museum. Not a lot of details yet, but I vow that when the museum is finished, I will make a pilgrimage to Hong Kong to visit the site.

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