green hornet on the path to development hell

After some promising developments, then some setbacks, I'm beginning to think this Green Hornet isn't actually going to happen, and will forever rot in development hell. With each bit of news that surfaces, a project I was really looking forward to becomes more and more of a dead end. What a shame. I really shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.

We heard that Seth Rogen was writing and starring in it. Okay, interesting to see it go in that direction, but why the hell not? Then we heard Hong Kong star Stephen Chow would not only play Kato (the role made famous by Bruce Lee), he was going to direct it! Awesome.

Then we heard he wasn't going to direct, but would still stay on as Kato. Whew. Now we have no idea what his participation is. Hell, now we have no idea if this movie is ever actually going to get made. According to someone close to the film, it's "highly unlikely" that The Green Hornet will shoot in 2009 at all: Has Rogen's 'Green Hornet' Been Defeated?

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