katana: new ninja web series

Several folks have been telling me about Katana, a new show that recently premiered on Strike.TV, an online internet TV channel created by Hollywood writers during last year's big writers' strike. It's about a ninja who is forced out retirement for one final kill: 'Katana' Slices, Dices, Premieres on Strike.TV.

The show stars Yuji Okumoto (Chozen from The Karate Kid II!) and John Koyama, who play brothers in some serious ninja family drama. The series also features Al Goto, Sam Looc and Don Tai, who are all big time stunt guys. Believe me, you've seen their work before -- you just weren't aware of it.

I just watched the pilot episode, and it's kind of hokey... but not half-bad if you like this kind of stuff. Yakuza plots, crime families, blood splatter. You know me -- I love the ninjas. Katana should satisfy fans of the old cheesy 1980s ninja action movies. Watch it here.

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