no more meter feeding for good samaritan

In New York, David Cheung is apparently known as the mayor of Mott Street. Mr. Cheung lives in the area and is the superintendent on a building on Mott Street, but over the years he's become best know as the parking meter guy, for looking out for folks and feeding their parking meters when he sees the time expire. He's just trying to help people out.

This week, however, marked the end of this good Samaritan's altruism, as many of the city's coin-operated meters are being replaced with Muni-Meters, which take coins and cards and dispense time-stamped slips of paper the driver puts on the dashboard: Mayor of Mott St. Can't Feed the Meters Anymore.

Dealing with parking in the city is never fun. This guy was just trying to make this easier for the average driver in his neighborhood. Getting a ticket for an expired meter has got to be one of the annoying pain-in-the-ass things about driving in the city. Alas, it looks the meter guy will have to retire.

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