purple gate 2009

While Monday was a historic, joyous occasion for a lot of people, it also really sucked for a lot of people -- not because they didn't want to see Barack Obama sworn in as President, but because they were right there in Washington D.C. and didn't get to see Obama sworn in.

Thousands of people with official tickets were denied entrance to the inauguration, without any explanation from authorities or officials. And after waiting for several hours in tunnels and streets, most of them gave up and left. A lot of these folks traveled from all across the country to be there.

These were folks with legitimate "purple" tickets to the inauguration, and never made it in. Thus, the incident is being referred to as "Purple Gate." My man Raymond J. Lee was there, and was one of these people. He made a short documentary about his experience, which had to be a bit of heartbreak: Purple Gate 2009 - a short documentary.

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