report released on the death of hiu lui ng

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have issued a report after investigating the death of Hiu Lui Ng, the 34-year-old New York computer engineer who died in their custody last summer: U.S. Issues Scathing Report on Immigrant Who Died in Detention.

According to the report, supervisors at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Rhode Island, where Ng spent his final month, denied him appropriate medical treatment on multiple occasions and that employees had dragged him from his cell to a van as he screamed in pain. Supervisors apparently accused him of faking his illness. Ng died from cancer in his liver, lungs and bones.

As they disclosed their findings, ICE officials ordered an end to their contract with the center. They've also asked the United States attorney in Boston to review the case for possible criminal prosecution. Ng family also plans to file a lawsuit against the detention center and the federal immigration agency.

Hell yes. Someone needs to answer for this -- both at ICE and the detention center. It's appalling. No man should be forced to suffer and die like this, and Ng shouldn't even have been detained in the first place.

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