sign up for a free teleseminar with carmen van kerckhove

This is a little last minute, but I encourage you to take advantage of this really great opportunity.

See the cool lady in the photo? That's Carmen Van Kerckhove, my friend and blogger at Racialicious.com, and the founder of New Demographic, a very different take on diversity training. It's a way for individuals and organizations to learn about race and racism without having to endure the misery of diversity training.

Carmen is hosting a free teleseminar on Wednesday, January 21st at 5:00pm EST titled "The 3 Biggest Diversity Blunders Your Organization Could Be Making Right Now (And How to Avoid Them)." On this 60-minute call, you'll learn:
  • Why your colleagues are right to scoff at diversity training -- it actually doesn't work! I'll show you why not, and let you know what does work instead.

  • Why your organization's executives should never proclaim that they're colorblind and that they "just don't notice race," unless they want to offend a lot of their employees.

  • The one thing your organization must avoid at all costs unless you wants its diversity efforts to fail spectacularly.
She's a smart lady who knows what she's talking about, and she's trying to help people break out of patterns of crappy, mostly irrelevent diversity training. I respect her views immensely, and I think a lot of companies and organizations could benefit from hearing this talk. Sign up for the teleseminar here.

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