sorry you got robbed, can I have my food?

This is ridiculous: Carryout Customer Sees Robbery, But Is More Interested In His Food. In Washington D.C., Eastern Carryout, a Chinese takeout restaurant, was robbed on Saturday night. Owner Paul Chen was waiting on a customer when three men came through the back and robbed him and his family.

According to Chen, the customer out front saw all of this and walked out the front door, but didn't call the police. Instead, after the robbers were gone the customer actually returned and wanted to know where his food was. Chen gave the man back his money and told him to leave.

Yeah, that guy's not getting any good citizen awards. And he's sure as hell not getting any Chinese food. According to police, this was the sixth robbery of an Asian restaurant in the area over the last ten days. Jerk-ass people like this only make it worse.

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