tour bus crash kills seven

Saw this on the news last night... yesterday afternoon, a bus carrying Chinese tourists on U.S. 93 in Arizona overturned near Hoover Dam, killing at least seven people and injuring 10 others, several critically: At least 7 die as bus overturns near Hoover Dam.

Six were pronounced dead at the scene and a seventh died at a hospital. Just based on the news footage I saw, the scene was pretty horrific. More here: Tour Bus Crashes in Arizona, Killing 7.

The bus was returning from a trip to the Grand, traveling north on the highway, when it veered right, overcorrected, crossed the median and rolled at least once before stopping. Investigators were trying to determine was caused the crash.

To make matters worse, rescuers apparently had difficulty communicating with the passengers, who were on vacation from Shanghai, because they didn't speak English. Shanghai's municipal government contacted a U.S. travel agency for help in identifying the victims. What a nightmare.

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