vote for nomi network on ideablob.com

Last is very last minute... but the Nomi Network needs your votes! Diana Mao, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Nomi Network, is hoping to get the most votes for her idea on ideablob.com, a site where entrepreneurs and small business owners can share and grow their business ideas and have a chance to win $10,000 towards fulfilling them.

Nomi Network, a network of professionals who hope to leverage the marketplace to eradicate sexual slavery, is one of eight finalists this month. Nomi's mission is to empower sex trafficking survivors to make products that will be sold in the mainstream market, thereby securing jobs for vulnerable women while delivering high quality products to consumers.

Nomi Network was founded on the prinicple that it's important to attack the supply side of human trafficking by increasing the economical opportunities of women who are vulerable to sex-trafficking.

This is a serious, devastating, 21st century problem, and I applaud people like Diana who are trying to attack in an innovative way. To learn more about Nomi Network, go here. And be sure to vote for Nomi Network on ideablob.com here.

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