america's best dance crew season 3: week five

All right. Don't worry. While I haven't thrown up much current coverage, compared to previous seasons, of America's Best Dance Crew, I've actually been following the competition pretty closely. If you're like me, you agree with what's been fairly obvious from the first episode: it's all about Quest and Beat Freaks.

The two have been my favorites since the very beginning, and have continually been the strongest contenders week to week. I mean, the other crews haven't been bad, but it's really just been a matter of whittling them down so that Quest and Beat Freaks make it to the final two.

Quest has been around for a while, and you probably recognize a few of their members (Ryan, Hok) from that other TV dance show. I think it's pretty clear that ABDC is the show they should've all been on from the very beginning. And heck, obviously, I like these guys because they're entire crew is Asian. And they kick ass.

While I really like both crews, I've been thinking Quest would probably go all the way... until this week. Break Freaks' performance, with the floating ball (you really have to see it to understand) was nothing short of mind-blowing. Beat Freaks, whose membership includes Rino Nakasone-Razalan, could win entire this thing.

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