the asian guy in the miley cyrus photo... revealed!

Lots of talk about the Miley Cyrus "chink-eye" photo, but not so much about the lone Asian kid in the photo, looking a bit like a doofus while everyone else flaunts racist gestures at the camera... Who is this guy? What's he doing there? Does he really roll with Miley and her crew? And is he seriously cool with this photo?

Well, a reader named Maria informs that the Asian guy in the photo is model/actor/photographer Chuck Willis. I did a little digging around, and that's definitely the guy in the now-infamous photo. According to his bio, he's a fashion photographer and a model who works several agencies across the United States.

And he hangs with Hannah Montana. Frankly, I'm not out to get this guy. It's Miley Cyrus, teen idol to millions, who's behaved like an idiot ever since the photo surfaced. But I'm posting this because I know a lot of folks have been curious about who the hell this guy is. And I'm really curious about what he thinks about all this.

Here's his photography website. And here's his MySpace. Chuck Willis, what is your story? What was going through your mind as you were taking this photo? Was it a sheepish, awkward laugh-along? Did you get pissed off immediately after the shutter clicked? Or did you just not care? The questions burn. (Thanks, Maria.)

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