baby opens in los angeles this friday

At long last, Baby returns to the city where it all began. After a successful festival run, Juwan Chung's indie gangster drama opens for one week this Friday, February 26 and runs through March 4 at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles.

The movie tells the grim tale of Baby, a troubled youth who gets caught up and trapped in the world of East Los Angeles gang life. Spiraling out of control in a lifestyle of drugs, murder and street gangs, he tries to turn his life around before it's too late.

It's a gritty, low-budget film, but surprising affecting, with a compelling story and impressive performances from the likes of David Huynh, Ron Yuan, Tzi Ma and Feodor Chin. I'll admit -- I went in with fairly low expectations, and ended up being pretty impressed.

To learn more about the movie, watch the trailer, and get details on the Los Angeles theatrical run, visit the Baby website here. You can actually already see the movie on DVD, but don't you want to see it on the big screen? Besides the Kogi truck is apparently going to be there on Friday night. Baby and Kogi!

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