the changing face of bellerose

This is an interesting New York Times story on the changing neighborhood of Bellerose, Queens, which is one of those areas that is undergoing a demographic shift, like much of the United States: The Great Divide.

Old establishments and favorite local hangouts closing down, new developments going up. A mostly white enclave of Irish, Italian and German families giving way an influx of immigrants from South Asia. It's a snapshot of one neighborhood, but it could easily mirror changing communities across America. It's a scenario we've seen over and over and over again.

And naturally, change doesn't come easy, as evidenced by protest from Bellrose residents over the closing of the Frozen Cup -- now the future site of a 44-room hotel by South Asian developers. But what were they really protesting? The loss of their favorite ice cream spot? Or the fact that the area is being "taken over" by immigrants? Ah, growing pains.

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