congressman anh cao faces recall petition

Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, the Vietnamese American Republican representing an overwhelmingly black and Democratic New Orleans congressional district, is the subject of a recall petition effort by critics who are upset over his vote against President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package: Republican faces recall effort for stimulus vote.

Cao, the first Vietnamese American elected to Congress, stunned pretty much everyone last December with this surprise win in the 2nd Congressional District. Now, he's facing some serious criticism from a group of vocal community leaders who want him out: Group Trying To Recall New Congressman.

There's some question over whether a sitting congressman can legally be recalled by voter petition. There's apparently no provision for it in the U.S. Constitution.

Either way, recalling an elected official in Louisiana is pretty difficult and requires petition signatures from more than 101,000 district voters in 180 days to force an election. But the recall group, led by two ministers, says it has already gathered 12,000 signatures. More here: Recall Vs Louisiana Cong. Cao Has Good Start, Faces Hurdle.

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