missed flight freak out

As a semi-frequent traveler, I'm at the airport a lot. I have missed flights before. I have witnessed people missing flights. I have seen people getting upset about missing flights. I have never seen anything like this: A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA.

This YouTube video, of a woman at Hong Kong's international airport completely freaking out after missing a flight to San Francisco, has apparently become the latest online sensation: HK woman's airport hysterics an online hit.

I don't know if the woman is on drugs or has some serious emotional problems, but she's basically hysterical, sprawling out on the ground and shouting, "I want to go! I want to go!" in Cantonese. As if that's going to get you on the plane, lady.

I would love to know why or where she was going that was so urgent to warrant such a dramatic display of insanity. I'm going to try that at the airline counter the next time they refuse me a seat upgrade.

The incident occurred earlier this month, but the video was uploaded onto YouTube last week. Cathay Pacific had apparently already closed the aircraft's doors and offloaded the woman's baggage, and so was unable to let her board the flight.

And thus, the freak out. It kind of made my day. Expect lots of video parodies very very soon. You have to wonder, why do all the videos of crazy people come from Asia? This is not true, of course -- the United States has plenty of YouTube crazies. Yet somehow, the videos from Asia are the ones that get all the press...

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