pakistani teen attacked for no apparent reason

This is jacked up. Two weeks ago in Philadelphia, Jeremayah Daniel, the youngest son of a Pakistani immigrant family, was jumped from behind by two youths as he was leaving school -- punched in the head and face so violently, they broke his nose and gave him a concussion: Beating shatters sense of security.

According to the story, in Pakistan, the four Daniel children were harassed and bullied in school because they were Christian in an Islamic world. The family fled to America in 2006 so that they could be safe... or so they believed.

Turns out, as we have sadly learned, there are people out there that will attack you for the hell of it, just for being "different." No one has been arrested in the attack on Jeremayah, and it isn't clear what prompted it. He has since transferred high schools, for safety's sake. Welcome to America.

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