save the date: 3rd annual kaffny

Hey New York! Save the date, mark it your calendars for the end of the month... The 3rd Annual Korean American Film Festival New York is happening Saturday, February 28 at The Times Center (at the New York Times Building). Just one night, two programs, and some really wonderful works by Korean and Korean American filmmakers. Here's the lineup:
FIRST PROGRAM (starts at 5PM)
Solo 36' dir. by Bum Soo Park and Namgeon Kim
The Chestnut Tree dir. by Hyun-min Lee
The Postcard dir. by Josh Kim
Mirage dir. by Youngwoong Jang
Texas Girl dir. by Hyung Hyup Kim
Ming Dynasty's "Rice Fields" dir. by Eubin Kim
Make Yourself At Home dir. by Soopum Sohn
Ultimate Christian Wrestling dir. by Jae Ho Chang

SECOND PROGRAM (starts at 8PM)
Love In the Summertime dir. by Paul Wie
Monsters dir. by Thomas Ko
The Unbearable Heaviness of Nagging dir. by Jeong-Yeol Choi
Their Circumstances dir. by Jihyun Ahn
red, state dir. by Sun Young Kim
Mouse Trap dir. by Woon Han
Chemical Fiction dir. by Thomas Kim
Grandma and Wrestling dir. by Hyung-Sup Lim
Passing dir. by Esther Chung
The Trouble with Romance dir. by Gene Rhee
This year's festival consists of two shorts programs, each one followed by a short Q&A session with filmmakers, and a 30-minute intermission between the programs. I have seen and heard of most of the films in the festival, and it's a pretty solid evening of cinema. For more information, and to buy tickets, visit the KAFFNY website here.

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