ut student falls out of cab and dies

In Kyle, Texas, police are investigating the death UT student Jeffrey Weng, who died after he jumped or fell out of a cab traveling along I-35 early Saturday morning: UT Student Dies After Fall Out of Cab. Yeah, the headline doesn't make any sense to me either. What the hell happened?

According to friends, Weng and a Hispanic man got into a taxi early Saturday morning in downtown Austin. At some point, while the cab was traveling at least 60 mph, Weng apparently jumped out of the backseat of the car. He suffered serious trauma to his head and died.

Police are trying to find the second passenger to figure out what happened, and haven't ruled out foul play. Damn right -- because it sounds extremely fishy. Nothing about this story makes any sense. More here: Questions linger over Plano grad's taxi ride death.

Meanwhile, his friends and family are grieving over the tragedy. Weng was a junior at the UT School of Music and was considered a well-liked, accomplished percussionist. I'm told that he eventually wanted to establish a foundation for underprivileged kids to play music. There's a Facebook page memorializing Jeffrey here: Jeffrey Weng, You may be Lost, but You will Never be Forgotten.

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