watch patricio ginelsa's "love (cupid style)" during the grammys

Awwww yeah. Patricio Ginelsa has got to be one of the hardest-working indie filmmakers I know... and now, he's the big winner of a national contest. His winning music video entry, "Love (Cupid Style)," will air on national television this Sunday night, Febraury 8 on CBS as a 30-second commercial during the broadcast of the Grammy Awards.

He's one of five winners of Project Rising Stars' Lincoln Music Video Challenge, plucked from over 300 submissions. Each video features a song from an emerging artist, and will highlight the 2009 Lincoln MKS luxury sedan. The video features the song "LOVE" by Greboy (featuring Nino Noschella).

Tune in to the Grammy Awards this Sunday to see the world premiere broadcast. To learn more about "Love," go here, where you can watch an exclusive feature on the making of the video. Just use the secret password, "passion." Patricio tells me it was one of the most grueling shoots he's ever completed. Looks like it paid off. Congratulations, Patricio.

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