america's best dance crew season 3: week seven

Okay, okay. I've received a ton of email hounding me about this. No, I have not forgotten, and I am fully aware that Quest Crew and Beat Freaks are facing off in the finals of MTV's America's Dance Crew. And I'm pretty damn happy about it.

For once, the season's two strongest crews, hands down, are both worthy of being in the top two. In the first two seasons, the worthy crew ended up winning the title (JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w), but going into the finals, to me, it was always pretty clear who would win. This time, however, it's close.

To be honest, I'd be completely okay with either crew winning. Both have consistently danced their asses off, and nailed it every week. There were weeks when one gave a stronger performance than the other, but it's been fairly obvious that these two crews were a cut above all the other competitors. (Who honestly thought Fly Khicks had the slightest chance of making it to the end?)

I like Beat Freaks. I'll even admit to ordering a freakin' Beat Freaks t-shirt. These ladies have completely redefined what it means to be an all-female crew on this show. I just rewatched all their performances from the entire season. The one with Rino in the middle? Damn sexy. Or how about the one with the floating ball? My head just exploded. Untouchable. Like I said, I would love to see them win.

But when all is said and done, I have to keep it real and throw down my support for Quest Crew. From day one, these guys have kicked ass, bringing an fantastic, entertaining and powerful presence to America's Best Dance Crew. And it's not just because they're the group of Asian American guys. They're the group of Asian American guys with seriously bold talent, and it would be badass to see them win.

To vote for Quest, click here, or text "2" to 22444. Voting is open up until the live finale on Thursday. You can watch last week's episode online at the MTV website here.

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