asian americans united anti-casino fundraiser in philadelphia

In Philadelphia, the fight against plans to build a casino near Chinatown continues... Asian Americans United, one of the organizations that has been leading this battle, is throwing a fundraiser to build awareness, raise some cash and keep the fight going:
Come to AAU's Benefit Party: Saturday, March 7

Dear Friend,

It takes many things to build a movement - cash, commitment, comraderie - are three that come immediately to mind. Oh, and did I mention fun? It takes fun to build a movement too.

Next Saturday, March 7, we will bring all of that together in a party where we can all

* help raise cash that is needed to keep us going strong
* deepen our commitment and resolve to keeping the predatory slots industry away from our precious neighborhoods
* enjoy the comraderie of good and interesting people
* have fun!

*Cover charge: Sliding scale pay what you can ($5 - $20 suggested minimum)

Host: Asian Americans United
Date: Saturday, March 7
Time: 7:00 pm- 11:00 pm
Location: Vox Populi Gallery
319 N. 11th Street 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA
Contact: Ellen Somekawa
That's this Saturday, March 7 at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia. For more information about the event, go to the Facebook event page here. For more information on the anti-casino movement, visit the Asian Americans United website here. Stop the Gallery CasiNO!

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