the asian moustache disguise

Looks like it doesn't have to be Halloween for racist costumes to pop up in our everyday lives. Jennifer tells me she recently spotted this little doozy on the racks while shopping for school supplies at the chain store U.S Toy Company. It's the Asian Moustache!

Note the totally authentic pagoda silhouettes in the artwork for full effect. At least the caricature doesn't have slanted eyes and buck teeth. Still, what exactly makes this "Asian"? They could've easily put this on the shelf and simply called it "long black moustache" without getting all racial on us.

The U.S. Toy Company website also has the Asian Moustache available with some crazy-ass eyebrows. Three assorted styles! For just $6.99, you too can have the facial hair of Asia. Just throw on a pair of Slanties, and you'll fool everyone! Ugh. (Thanks, Jennifer.)

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