back from ecaasu 2009

Had an awesome hanging with the folks this weekend at Rutgers for ECAASU 2009. Huge props to the organizers and volunteers who put the event together and made it all possible. To all the students from schools all around, I had a great time meeting and hanging out with you.

Thanks to everyone who attended my workshop on Saturday afternoon -- especially those who didn't get a seat and stood in the back or sat on the floor. I appreciate your enthusiasm. You guys rock. I just wish there was a little more ventilation in the room. It was hot!

It was also great meeting all of my fellow speakers, entertainers and workshop facilitators. I got to joke around with comedian Danny Cho, had a nice lunchtime conversation with Cathy Bao Bean, Pooja Mankhijani and Dr. Andrew J. Lee, and saw the guys of Secret Identities guys get mobbed by mad fans.

I also finally got to meet spoken word artists Bao Phi, Giles Li and Kelly Zen-Yi Tsai -- three poets who work I respect immensely, and have corresponded with virtually, but had never met in person. Great to meet them and see them perform. Their words kicked my ass!

Good people, good times, good conference. Big shout outs to Fiona and Nilam, who were extremely helpful. Next stop for me: western Massachusetts for 5PAN's Spring Conference 2009 at Mount Holyoke College. Next Saturday, March 7. See you there.

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