baseball's great rivalry, from k-town to little tokyo

It kind of took me all of Tuesday to recover, because Monday night's World Baseball Classic final, South Korea vs. Japan, was a hell of a game. I won't try to feign impartiality -- I was rooting for Korea, and Japan's 5-3 victory in the 10th inning was kind of heartbreaking. I shake my fist at you, Ichiro. I drowned my sorrows with a mixture of beer and cup ramen.

But any way you look at it, you have to admit, the WBC was an amazing tournament, and the final game summed it all up, with the old rivalry making it that much more thrilling. The rest of the United States might not have cared, but on Monday night, at Dodger Stadium and beyond, the fans on both sides were having a blast: 'Baseball War' for Asia's old rivals.

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