boogie town trailer: you've got served... in the future!

What in the world did I just watch? This trailer for Boogie Town just landed in my mailbox, and I'm really scratching my head. Two and a half minutes of something kind of crazy. It's like this weird, dark, Matrix-like version of You Got Served... by the guys who made You Got Served.

According to IMDb, it's a modern day West Side Story for the hip hop generation, set in a New York city of the future, where everyone strangely has blue eyes, and people settle their differences... with dance battles! And just like You Got Served, the plot appears to be fairly insignificant. But oooh, the dancing.

Is this one of those Asians vs. Blacks movies? Like Romeo Must Die? (By the way, there's a girl in this movie that looks a lot Aaliyah.) Brenda Song is in the movie, as well as Bruce Locke, and a handful of other Asian faces (including the requisite Basco brother). I'm pretty sure I spotted Quest Crew. And was that Kaba Modern?

It's the next big dance flick, baby. I'm not quite sure what that jumping back and forth thing was at the end. I guess You've Got Served meets West Side Story in the future wasn't enough -- you have to add super powers. The trailer says you can expect to see the movie this summer. (Thanks, Jake.)

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