families seeking justice for children killed in van accident

An update on the van accident that killed two toddlers in New York's Chinatown back in January... The families of the two children are calling on the Manhattan prosecutor to convene a grand jury to investigate the accident, which hurt a total of 14 victims on East Broadway: Families Seek Inquiry in Chinatown Deaths.

The driver of the van, Chao Fu, has not been charged. He had left the van on East Broadway with the engine running, believing that the vehicle was in park. The van then went into reverse and struck a line of children from the Red Apple Child Development Center, killing Hayley Ng and Diego Martinez.

On Monday, the families of May and Diego, back by friends, parents of the other injured children, and transportation activists, demonstrated in front of the prosecutors office. They want justice, accountability, and for someone to bear the burden of responsibility for this tragedy.

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