hate crime attack at ucsb

I can't find the original source where this came from, but this news about a hate crime at UCSB earlier this month, apparently being spread around through Facebook, just got passed along to me...

In the early morning of March 2, Thanh Hong, a Vietnamese American student at the University of California at Santa Barbara, was assaulted in front of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, where four men yelled racial epithets at him and attacked him. Here are the details:
"Early in the morning of March 2, 2009, Thanh Hong, a Vietnamese American student at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and his Asian American friend walked home through Isla Vista -- the college town adjacent to the UCSB campus. On their way home, Thanh and his friend passed in front of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house. Four men emerged from inside the fraternity house, approached Thanh and his friend, and began yelling racial epithets at them including: "Chink," "Chinamen," and "Gook."

Thanh and his friend tried to walk away. Before they could, however, one of the men -- without provocation -- punched Thanh's friend in the face, and then attacked Thanh. The man from the fraternity house continued using racial slurs during the
attack. Eventually, he stopped his attack and started laughing, providing Thanh and his friend an opportunity to escape. Thanh suffered a facial laceration requiring several stitches and his friend suffered a concussion resulting in partial memory loss.

The University of California Police Department and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office were called and opened an investigation into the case. The police questioned members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity who all denied any involvement. The fraternity also denied that any attack had taken place, even though the sidewalk in front of their house was stained with Thanh's fresh blood. I still haven't been able to ascertain where Thanh is originally from."

The incident occurred on March 2, but is barely gaining recognition this week. Please help us in spreading awareness about what has taken place.
What the hell? I can't seem to find anything else about this, but it's absolutely outrageous. If this did indeed happen like it's described, these guy, whoever the hell they are, need to be prosecuted. That's racist! Does anyone know anything more about this case?

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