john liu announces run for city comptroller

The rumors are true! Councilman John Liu has formally announced his campaign to serve as the next Comptroller of the City of New York: Liu Adds Name To Comptroller Race. According to Liu, his background in finance makes him the perfect candidate for the job:
"Now more than ever, we need a Comptroller who will root out waste and
inefficiency as budget cuts are imposed, and ensure accountability and
equal opportunity as billions in stimulus funding arrive," John said
earlier today. "With my professional background in finance and my
experience in city government, combined with my demand for fairness
and equality, I will be that Comptroller. I will be the Comptroller
who will scrutinize the details without losing sight of the big
I'll be completely honest -- before I heard about Liu's announcement to run, I wasn't even sure what the city Comptroller was. But hey, Liu's got the skills, the experience, the credibility... and a lot of campaign money. This should be interesting: A candidate for controller challenges the old ethnic alliances.

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