the legend of aretha's hat

Nearly two months after the historic presidential inauguration, and what are people still clamoring for? Aretha's hat. The now-famous, bow-adorned chapeau worn by the Queen of Soul became an instant sensation, sending people in search of where they could their very own Aretha Hat.

The hat came from Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit, and designed by Luke Song, whose phone started ringing off the hook since the inaugruation, and hasn't stopped: Orders for 'Aretha's Hat' Still Going Strong.

He's received more than 5,000 orders for the spring version of the Aretha Hat, and he can probably expect a lot more. Ms. Franklin has apparently decided to lend her hat to the Smithsonian, where it'll be on display until it moves to a permanent place in Obama's presidential library. The Hat is legendary.

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