"let's go" by crudo / the shinjuku incident

Saw this video recently posted on Facebook: "Let's Go" Crudo (dan the Automator and Mike Patton). The song is "Let's Go" by Crudo, a collaboration by Dan the Automator and Mike Patton. The song is apparently featured in the movie The Shinjuku Incident (or maybe it's just an unofficial fan video cut together to the song?), starring Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu. Either way, it's kind of a cool song.

The Shinjuku Incident is being described as Jackie Chan's move away from action comedy and first attempt into truly serious acting. He apparently doesn't even fight in this one -- which is admirable, but not necessarily fun for viewers who have come to know and love his unique brand of action.

Still, it's directed by Derek Yee, who did a great job with dramas like One Night in Mongkok and Protege. Without the usual Jackie Chan action, I guess I'm curious to see if they even try to market this movie in the United States.

Meanwhile, Ling Liu over TIME informs me that they're taking questions for their upcoming interview with Jackie Chan. Submit your question to the veteran action movie star, and it might just get answered in an upcoming issue of TIME magazine: Ask Jackie Chan.

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