marine fighter crash was "clearly avoidable"

Finally, we get answers about last December's Marine fighter jet crash near San Diego that killed four people in their home. A Marine Corps investigation has found that the crash was "clearly avoidable" if the pilot and officers on the ground assisting him during the emergency had followed proper procedures: Deadly Fighter Crash 'Clearly Avoidable'.

The investigation concluded that the fighter was brought down by a rare double-engine failure, but the second engine failure apparently could've been prevented. If checklists had been followed, the plane would have continued on course to the nearest available airstrip, instead of being redirected to one further away that took the disabled plane over heavily populated neighborhoods.

As a result of the investigation, 13 Marines have been disciplined, including four who were relieved of their duties. The plane's pilot, who safely ejected just before the plane crashed, has been grounded ever since and will receive a further review to determine if he should keep his wings.

While releasing the report, the 3rd Marine Air Wing's Brig. Gen. Randolph Alles apologized to the families of people killed in the crash. I don't know how much comfort that was to Dong Yun Yoon, the man who lost his entire family -- his wife, his two young children, and his mother-in-law -- in that one horrible moment. More here: Jet Pilot Had Landing Options Before Crash.

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