nominate a local hero

If you live in Southern California, here's a cool opportunity to recognize an unsung local hero. Do you know someone who is making a difference by enriching our community and making it a better place to live?

Union Bank and KCET are looking for outstanding Asian Pacfic American men and women who have made significant contributions to improve the community. The stories of selected heroes will air on KCET in May. The categories for nomination are:
Arts - Individuals involved in the field of arts as artists, performing artists, visual artists, design artists. Also included are persons in management/administration levels who work with galleries, museums, culture programs, journalism, etc.

Business - Individuals who are small business owners who have achieved success as entrepreneurs. Individuals in the business field who are not business owners may be considered for demonstrating an extreme passion and advancement in their field of expertise.

Community Activism - Individuals involved in areas designed to bring about social or political change.

Education - Individuals involved in developing educational programs at any level (i.e. teachers/instructors, faculty, staff).

Social Services - Individuals who usually work with people viewed as having special disadvantages such as persons with low incomes, persons with disabilities, elders, persons with mental illness, the homeless.
Nominations must be submitted to KCET by Wednesday, April 1. To nominate someone, go to the online form here. For more information, call KCET at 323-953-5789 and/or email at kcetoutreach@kcet.org. You can nominate as many people as you'd like.

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