racist messages left at harvard party

Oh Harvard, hallowed campus of higher learning, enlightened thought... and racist graffiti. These are the future leaders of America! Members of the Chinese Students Association discovered racially charged messages written on the walls after a graffiti-themed party: Party-goers Leave Racist Messages at CSA Party.

At the party, attendees were encouraged to write phrases on strips of tape and paper in glow-in-the-dark highlighters. But after the party, when the lights when up, students discovered racist, inflammatory messages like "Chinese people perform genocide" and "Chinese people suck" written on the walls.

As you can guess, with hundreds of people at the party, it's pretty much impossible to find out who's responsible for the messages. Why is it that when Asians try to gather for a good time, some racist ass always has to mess with everybody's fun? Either with a comment or general jackassery. That's racist!

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