se7en performing in nyc tonight

Maybe you've heard... among the numerous Asian pop stars trying to make the jump to U.S. audiences, Korean recording artist Se7en is gearing up to release his English-language debut album. This is a bit short notice, but he'll be making a club appearance tonight, March 20 at The Circle in New York City. He'll be performing the first single, "Girls" from his forthcoming album.

I don't know, does Se7en have what it takes to grab western audiences and make it here in the United States? Crossover success has been elusive thus far for the few who have tried. Though I'm completely unfamiliar with his music, I did see Se7en perform at an event a few months back. Not bad.

The way I see it, whether or not you like him, or BoA, or Utada... theoretically, there should be room for Asian artists in the United States. I mean, plenty of awful pop music makes it big here all the time. How about some equally bad and/or halfway decent music originating from Asia? We could make room for them in our hearts, couldn't we?

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