stephen chow is pretty much out of green hornet

It's the Hollywood studio project that seems to have hit every single speed bump possible. For fans of the Green Hornet, it's been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. For the purposes of this discussion, for me, it's always been about who would play the vital role of Kato -- the role originally made famous by Bruce Lee.

We were excited to hear Stephen Chow's named thrown out as a possible actor to play Kato, and absolutely elated to hear last fall that he had not only signed on to star, but also direct the movie. The excitement was short lived, when we heard he was backing out of directing duties. Bummer, but at least he'd still be playing Kato, right? Sadly, no.

According to writer/star Seth Rogen, who was at SXSW last week, Stephen Chow is probably out: "We have no 100% official Kato at this point."

With all that's happened with the project up to now, I'm not really surprised. It seemed like he was on his way out a long time ago. I assume they're actively looking for someone to replace him -- a Green Hornet must have his Kato. But damn, I seriously can't think of anyone who'd be better for the part.

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