what I'm listening to: blip blip bleep

I've been meaning to write about Brooklyn-based electronic pop/rock band Blip Blip Bleep for the better part of a year, ever since I heard their EP, Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Get Up. For some reason, it's been coming up on my shuffle a lot lately, so I guess that's a reminder to spread the word about them.

The brainchild of producer Sean Han, this band freaking rocks, with a cool, pulsating electronic pop/rock sound. They remind me a little of The Killers, mixed with Postal Service and a dash of Erasure thrown in for good measure. I think my favorite songs from the EP are the title track and "Street Lights" (but actually, I dig them all). As you can probably guess, lots of blips and bleeps.

You're going to love it. For more information on Blip Blip Bleep and to hear more of their music, visit the band's website here, and check out their MySpace page here. And pick up Alarm Clock, Snooze Bar, Wake Up at the usual places like Amazon and iTunesicon.

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