world baseball classic: it's for the fans

Have you been watching the action in the World Baseball Classic? I actually haven't been following the tournament until a few nights ago, when I caught South Korea playing Mexico, and then last night, when Korea beat Japan, 4-1. Very fun, cool games, with more action to come. It's too bad that most of America doesn't really care.

While most sports fans are pre-occupied college basketball's run-up to the NCAA tournament, or content with just waiting to see their teams play in the regular Major League season, the WBC has demonstrated how significant the contest is for those from abroad who now call the U.S. home: Expatriate Enthusiasm on Display at Classic.

Just tune into any of the games Korea is playing in, and take a look at the crowd. It's loud and proud. Last night was particularly awesome, seeing two national rivals in a serious baseball showdown. Japan plays Cuba tonight, with the loser eliminated, and the winner playing South Korea on Thursday night. You can follow it all on the World Baseball Classic website.

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