you lose, roy pearson. again.

I can't believe we're still talking about this. The D.C. Court of Appeals has denied the petition of Roy Pearson to re-hear his case: Pants Hearing Rejected.

By now, you know the story of Pearson, a former D.C. administrative law judge (and now laughingstock of, well, everybody) who filed a $54 million lawsuit against Jin Nam and Ki Chung, the owners of Custom Cleaners, for allegedly losing his pants. His pants!

After losing this ridiculous suit in both Superior Court and a three-member panel of the Court of Appeals, the entire appeals court has spoken. They're not going to re-hear this joke of a case. Give it up, Pearson. Face it -- you're a loser.

Pearson's only remaining option is the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately, given all of his crazy actions up to now, and the very fact that he's the kind of insane guy who would file a $54 million lawsuit over a freaking pair pants, I have no doubt in my mind that he's going to go for it. And he's going to lose. I hope the Supreme Court laughs in his face.

Why can't this man just leave the Chungs alone?

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