asian scammer preys on hipsters

Lots of blogs and news articles have been buzzing about Kari Ferrell, a petite, charming, 22-year-old Asian American woman... who just happens to be a crazy con artist and one of the Salt Lake City Police Department's Most Wanted. Girl's got some serious problems: The Hipster Grifter.

Wanted in Utah on five different warrants, including passing $60,000 in bad checks, forgery, and retail theft, Ms. Ferrell skipped town, and has apparently been creating quite a dirty reputation for herself in New York circles, leaving a trail of scammed victims. She even lied lied lied her way into a job with Vice magazine.

Hipsters, beware. This tattooed, oversexed pathological liar will seduce you and break your heart... but not before taking your money, convincing you she's pregnant, and/or is suffering from cancer. She'll even steal your cell phone. More here: Hipster Grifter Guilty of Conning Fellow Hipsters.

She apparently isn't too bright though -- the folks at Vice apparently Googled her name and found out she was a wanted felon: DEPARTMENT OF OOPSIES! - WE HIRED A GRIFTER. Pesky internet. Next time, you might want to change your name before embarking on a path of thievery and deception. Just a tip.

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