asian students targeted in campus attack

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, police are investigating a racially-motivatd attack involving Asian students from Franklin & Marshall College. Three Asian students were walking on the street early Sunday morning when they were attacked by a group of people who physically attacked and shouted racial slurs at them: Pa. college reports racial slurs, physical attack.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. Campus safety officers broke up the confrontation and referred the investigation to city police. But it looks like some in the larger group were also Franklin & Marshall students. I guess there are assholes at every school. Here's the official statement from the school:
"At about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, April 19, two Asian and one Asian-American Franklin & Marshall students were confronted and subjected to racial insults. Two were physically assaulted by members of another, larger group of young people on Nevin Street. It currently appears that some or all of the larger group were male Franklin & Marshall students. Neither of the assaulted students was critically injured, but one student received medical treatment.

Public Safety officers arrived on the scene and acted swiftly, ending the incident. They initiated the investigation and have referred the case to the Lancaster Bureau of Police, which has begun a criminal investigation. The college is launching its own investigation pursuant to our student judicial process.

The Franklin & Marshall community condemns the use of racial insults and physical violence. This behavior undermines the values of mutual respect and trust that are at the very foundation of the Franklin & Marshall community and are essential to its healthy, diverse and civil community."
Why does it seem like we're hearing about crimes like this occurring on college campuses more and more frequently, on a regular basis? Why can't an Asian guy just walk down street, minding their own business, without being hassled and attacked by a group of racist assholes? Friends of the victims are holding a rally for tolerance on Friday afternoon. More here: 2 Asian Students Targeted In Attack. And here: Asian students at Franklin & Marshall College attacked.

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