bloomingdale library rape victim, one year later

Last year, we learned about the vicious beating and rape of an 18-year-old high school student in Tampa, Florida. It's been a year since the attack, which left her with life-altering injuries that will require special care for the rest of her life. Known simply as the Bloomingdale library rape victim, the community has valiantly come to her support when her medical expenses became too much for her family.

Here's an update on her condition: In the aftermath of an attack, Bloomingdale library rape victim finds her angels. She turned 19-year-old this past week. She is still unable to see, talk, swallow, stand or even hold her head, but through special care and a lot of support, she has slowly made some progress.

More than $185,000 has been donated for her care, but therapy is expensive, and the cost still extends beyond what her family can afford. If you'd like to make a donation, go to any SunTrust Bank and indicate that the money is for the Bloomingdale Library Assault Victim. Or mail a check, payable to Bloomingdale Library Assault Victim, to: SunTrust Bank, Special Handling Department, P.O. Box 27572, Richmond, VA 23261-7572.

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