carving out "little bangladesh" in koreatown

A "turf war" of sorts has sprouted up in Los Angeles' Koreatown, where the area's significant Bangladeshi American community is seeking recognition of its own "Little Bangladesh" within the neighborhood -- a proposal that has angered longtime residents who have worked hard to promote the district as a Korean cultural destination and economic hub: A spicy turf battle in Koreatown.

As the article notes, a lot more than a name is at stake. It's largely symbolic, but recognition like "Little Bangladesh," especially when noted on maps and street signs, helps further establish a community within the cultural mosaic of Southern California, as well as attract visitors and help local businesses.

As the proposal stands right now, Little Bangladesh would be created on the eastern fringe of Koreatown. Funny enough, while Koreatown is already one of the most high-profile areas in the city, it didn't seek an official designation from the city until February -- after the proposed creation of Little Bangladesh.

The way I see it, L.A.'s Koreatown is huge, and with each new resident and business, its boundaries continue to expand. It might be called Koreatown, but the area is already home to a multitude of ethnic groups -- not just Koreans, but significantly, Latino, Thai, and of course, Bangladeshi Americans.

When the area first saw a heavy influx of Koreans in the 1960s, I'm sure there were folks in the existing "established" neighborhood who were not cool with the early loose formation of a Koreatown. But you gotta roll with population patterns. I'm just saying, we're talking about Los Angeles. Surely, there's room for everyone to co-exist. More here: Bangladeshi, Korean immigrants spar over LA space.

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