chinese food deliveryman killed in virginia

Some news out of Virginia... another Chinese takeout driver killed while making a delivery. 36-year-old Yong Sun, who worked at the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant in Richmond, was shot through the driver's side window after delivering a $10.89 order: Slaying of delivery driver rocks a once-peaceful community.

Police are describing it as an attempted robbery that ended in a homicide, though they aren't even sure if money was taken. They haven't made any arrests. A witness described the suspect as young man who was "well-groomed and wore dark clothing, including a black coat with gold or silver markings." (What?)

If you scroll down to the bottom of the news article, there's a brief list of other recent delivery-driver slayings in Virginia, incluing a pizza delivery guy and another guy who was abducted then killed while making deliveries for his parent's Chinese restaurant.

Why must delivering Chinese food be so dangerous? I know food delivery -- Chinese or otherwise -- has its share of hazards. But it seems like I'm hearing about a Chinese food delivery worker being assaulted or killed on a regular, almost monthly basis. And not just in New York or other metropolitan areas, but also in small cities and the suburbs. It's like an epidemic.

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