details unclear in fatal police shooting

This week, I received the tragic news of another police shooting involving a young Asian American man. In Folsom, California, 23-year-old Joseph Han was fatally shot by police during an altercation on Sunday morning: Man Fatally Shot By Folsom Police. However, the details of what actually transpired are unclear.

According to initial news reports, family members apparently called police saying that Joseph was not acting like himself, hallucinating, hadn't eaten for days, and had locked himself in a bedroom.

Police said that he approached them with a 8-inch long knife, before he was hit with a Taser twice after refusing to stop. But he reportedly continued to charge the officers and was shot twice. He died at the hospital: Folsom Police Shoot And Kill Knife-Wielding Man

The family, however, is questioning the officers' use of deadly force. Was shooting Joseph really necessary? All three officers are on administrative leave with pay while investigators are still determining exactly what happened: Folsom police role in fatal shooting unclear.

On top of that, Korean news stories about the incident have been reporting details that other outlets have been leaving out. According to Joseph's family, he was actually placed in handcuffs after he was tasered and was shot when he recovered and resisted again: Another Ethnic Korean Shot Dead in US.

I knew this guy.

I didn't him know well. But he's the cousin of a longtime family friend, and when I heard the news, I was shocked. So this news really hits home. Was it really necessary for the cops to shoot Joseph dead, right in front of his family? They deserve answers. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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