falsely accused of possessing child pornography

This is a crazy story out of Virginia about Ting-Yi Oei, a high school assistant principal who was accused of possessing child pornography after trying to do the right thing. He recounts the events, in his own words, about the unfounded prosecution and ensuing witch hunt that has turned his life upside down and ruined his reputation and career: My Students. My Cellphone. My Ordeal.

He was actually trying to investigate students at his school who were sending ("sexting") nude cellphone photos of themselves to other students. But a not-so-great understanding of technology got him into an awkward spot, which quickly spiraled into an all-encompassing career-smearing ordeal and serious trouble with the law.

Oei was recently exonerated, with all the charges thrown out of court, but not before his entire life and good standing in the community were dragged through the mud, by a prosecutor who should never have brought charges in the first place. And now he has to pick up the pieces. What a nightmare. More here: Ting-Yi Oei Answers In His Own Words.

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